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What happens after I place an order?
When your order is placed on the web site, you will see a "Thank You" page, which will have an online order confirmation number on it. This is confirmation that your order has successfully been placed. Your order is then sent over a secure connection to CIB Media. If there are any problems with your order, one of our customer service associates will contact you by phone or e-mail.

What if I do not receive an order confirmation via e-mail?
You will receive an order confirmation message via e-mail shortly after CIB Media receives your order. If you do not receive this message within twenty-four hours of placing your order, there might be a delay on the Web due to traffic. If this happens, please feel free to contact us at 415-246-4665 to ensure that your order is being processed.

Can I change the delivery address?
We will be happy to change the delivery address as long as your order has not been delivered or is not on its way to being delivered. To request a change to your order's delivery address, please call us.

Is it safe to use my credit card online?
We never send personal information, such as your credit card number, over the network in a way that is readable to anyone but us. We encrypt your information and send it over the Internet using SSL (secure socket layer) technology. When your browser is in secure mode, you will notice a lock icon on the screen. CIB Media does not rent or sell information we receive from web orders or e-mail registrations to third parties. For more information see our Security and Privacy statement.

Can I cancel an order?
If your order has not already been delivered, or is not on its way to being delivered, we can easily cancel it. To do so, please contact our customer service department immediately at 415-246-4665. If your order has already been sent out for delivery we will be unable to cancel it. If your order is scheduled for a delivery date in the future, you can call us at 415-246-4665 with your request to cancel.

When will my order arrive?

How do I find out which products are available outside of the United States?
We can ship books and videos anywhere in the world.

When will my credit card be charged?
CIB Media will attempt to secure authorization on your credit card when the order is placed. If there is a problem securing this authorization you will be notified and asked for another card. If we receive verification of sufficient funds, your order will be completed and transferred securely to CIB Media. Your account will be charged in 24 to 48 hours.

What was the total charged to my credit card?
When you place your order online, you are presented with the price of the merchandise as well as the shipping charge that is applicable. In addition to these costs, you will be charged sales tax if your order is being delivered to California.

Why isn't your site working with my browser?
Ordering from our site does not require the latest and greatest technology, but it does require that you're using an SSL-compliant browser (this means it has a "secure" mode.) Web TV and some browsers behind company firewalls cannot support secure ordering. For best results, we recommend using Netscape Navigator 3.02 or later, or Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.02 or later. For AOL users, we recommend the 3.0 or later AOL browser for PC's or the 4.0 browser for Macs. Click one of the following links if you'd like to download a new version of Netscape, Internet Explorer or AOL.

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