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1st Infantry -BIG RED ONE- Division in Vietnam. -DVD-.Di An, Lai Khe, Operations Attleboro & Junction City, Bien Hoa, War Zone C, III Corps, and more. 4 films on one DVD. Casualties: 3,146 KIA; 18,019 WIA.

Click to Enlarge1st Infantry "BIG RED ONE" Division in Vietnam. Di An, Lai Khe, Operations Attleboro & Junction City, Bien Hoa, III Corps. Four films on one video.

[1] 1st INFANTRY DIVISION IN VIETNAM. The proud history of the Big Red One in Vietnam. The Big Red One's 2nd Brigade was the first element of an Army division to arrive in Vietnam. Headquarted at Bien Hoa, Di An and Lai Khe. The 1st Infantry participated in the large extended Operations Attleboro and Junction City. Combat action is the main focus of this gripping film, but it also covers The Big Red One as it trained and coordinated with the ARVN troops.

[2] ARMOR OPERATIONS. Originally designed to explain the uses of tanks and APCs in Vietnam, this film contains exellent footage of armor combat. It emphasizes the role of armor in a variety of situations to include jungle and lowland operations. The tactics used by the giant M-60 tanks in ambushes and the importance of field maintenance is illustrated.

[3] MECHANIZED & ARMOR OPERATIONS. No one expected that tanks, APCs, and ACAVs could fulfill the missions needed in Vietnam. As this film shows, armor took a major role in all types of offensive operations. While much of this material deals with activities of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, it also includes mech infantry operations of other units. If you ever rode on an APC or ACAV, this film will bring back golden memories.

[4] COUNTERGUERILLA STRIKE OPERATIONS. Once an enemy force was located, every available means was brought together to destroy it before it could disappear. Here you ride the "choppers" of a quick reaction force, see aerial strikes and learn how our combat soldiers dealt with VC tactics. Approximately 108 minutes total. This series is a video history of Americans in Vietnam featuring some of the most remarkable combat footage ever filmed. These videos are specially packaged for C.I.B. MEDIA with 3 to 7 films per video. These exciting videos are so real you can almost smell the gunpowder, sweat and diesel fuel. The original films are from the U.S. government?s film archives. Some films were originally made to train replacement troops on what to expect in a combat situation and to build esprit de corps within the subject unit. A few segments may have slight color fading. This video series was created using only the highest quality duplication equipment and materials. Film quality varies from fair to excellent. Each DVD contains at least one film on the specified unit or subject, and all films on each video contain material related to the subject title. vhs format available, call our toll free number to order 866-242-1811

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