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IRAQ WAR: ONE YEAR LATER. A History Channel 3-DVD video presentation. From the crippling sandstorm that slowed the Allied advance to the struggles surrounding the fighting in the Kurdish-controlled north. Approx. 250 minutes!

Click to EnlargeA comprehensive, three-volume exploration of every aspect of the conflict. Extensive footage captures aspects of the fight not seen before. Includes interviews with the soldiers and journalists who were there. A year after the invasion of Iraq, the picture of the second Gulf War that has emerged remains shrouded by misconceptions, misinformation and controversy. This five-part series sheds light on the conflict, probing beyond the pre-packaged tales and "embeds" to illuminate unexplored facets of the fight to remove Saddam Hussein from power.

Drawing on the complete archives of CBS News, THE IRAQ WAR: ONE YEAR LATER goes into the war rooms where the plans were fashioned and the front lines where they were put into action. Every step on the road to Baghdad is chronicled in detail, from the crippling sandstorm that slowed the Allied advance to the struggles surrounding the coordination of the fighting in the Kurdish-controlled north.

While much remains under wraps, THE IRAQ WAR begins to put the controversial conflict into context, probing the stories that shaped the conflict and examining its aftermath.

Episode Guide: Invasion Tough Going At Baghdad's Doorstep Fall of Saddam Aftermath

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