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WINGS OF GLORY - The OFFICIAL U.S. AIR FORCE STORY. 3-DVD video set. Over 6 hours! Witness the Air Force develop over the years through the authentic archival images filmed by the combat cameramen to the birth of the jet age

Click to EnlargeWINGS OF GLORY - The United States Air Force Story - 3 DVD Set. DVD Total Running Time: Over 6 Hours. B & W and Color The story of the United States Air Force is a long and proud one, beginning with the first flight of the Wright Brothers and taking its first rudimentary steps in the swirling aerial combat of World War I in the skies over France. When World War II clearly establishes the need for a separate service, the United States Air Force is born. The first challenge for the new service is just over the horizon, as planes of the Air Force engage in the first jet air-to-air combat in the crimson skies of Korea.

Come with us and witness the growth of the Air Force over the years through the authentic archival images filmed by the combat cameramen of America's air service. Learn the special story of the men and planes who wrested control of the skies from the enemy and provided America with security from airborne attack. This is the exclusive story of the evolution of American airpower from its early beginnings through the birth of the jet age. Discover how the Air Force grew from a few daring young men to a force with capabilities beyond the wildest dreams of the early aviation visionaries. This is the official story of the Air Force, the story of Wings of Glory.

Disc 1
Origins of Air Power
Follow the growth of air power in America from its beginning at Kitty Hawk in 1903 to the early days of fighting in World War II. Witness the first military aviation in America, the daring flying men of World War I and the development of air power between the wars. Watch the swirling war in the air as the Allies struggle to fight back against the early vicious attacks of the Axis in World War II.
The Beginning
After The War
Struggle for Recognition
Between Wars
Air Power Advances
The Air War Starts
The Drawing of the Battle Lines
The AAF Fights Back
Extra: Newsreels Of WW II

Disc 2
Hold the Line
American air power is growing and has been refined in the fire of the early battles of World War II. American aviators have the men and the planes to unleash a global aerial campaign against the Axis. Follow the struggle for spuremacy in the air over fortress Europe and Japan as the Air Force makes its presence known in the homelands of the enemy.

The Tide Turns
North Africa
Global Operations
Expanding Air Power
Schweinfurt and Regensburg
Two Years of War
Maximum Effort
Road to Rome
Extras: Newsreels Of WW II

Disc 3
Coming of Age
Fighting through the early struggles of World War II, the Air Force triumphs and drives the enemy planes from the skies throughout the world. In the post war period, a separate Air Force is established, just in time to meet a new challenge. Communist North Korea has invaded its neighbor to the South in a bid to unite the country under its control. The Air Force takes to the air again to meet the Red challenge and triumphs in the air over the embattled countryside.

Prelude to Invasion
Retreat and Advance
Victory in Europe
Air War Against Japan
Meeting the Red Challenge
On to the Yalu
Korea: The Final Phase
Newsreel of WW II

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