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SEMPER FI: MARINES IN KOREA. DVD video. Fight along side the Leathernecks from the desperate battle to hold the Pusan perimeter, to Inchon, the recapture of Seoul, to the march up the peninsula, and on to the Yalu.

Click to EnlargeSEMPER FI: MARINES IN KOREA. DVD video. Contains the most comprehensive film coverage of the U.S. Marines during the Korean War. Total viewing time: 110 minutes. Marine Corps units were among the first military units rushed to the Korean peninsula when war first broke out…and they were the last to leave. From the desperate battle to hold the Pusan perimeter to Inchon, from the recapture of Seoul to the march up the peninsula to the Yalu, the United States Marines were there. This is the story of uncommon valor: the story of the few, the proud, the brave – the Marines. Semper Fi! USMC

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