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U.S. MARINE COMBAT IN VIETNAM. --DVD -- 4 films on 1 DVD. [1] A Day in Vietnam [2] The Battle of Khe Sahn [3] Contact! Ambush! [4] Operation Dewey Canyon. 95 minutes total.

Click to EnlargeU.S. MARINE COMBAT IN VIETNAM. 4-Films-In-1 --DVD -- [1] A DAY IN VIETNAM. No Rumors, no cover up. This forthright film has one objective: to describe what life was like for the brave, resolute men of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps during combat action in the height of the Vietnam conflict. Tough, uncompromising action. 28 minutes. [2] THE BATTEL OF KHE SANH. An exciting account of one of the most ferocious battles in the long, difficult Vietnam struggle. Communist forces mounted a major attack to re-take the strategic Khe Sanh sector and this visual chapter vividly captures the cooperative efforts of the US Marines and ARVN forces, supported by Air Force and Army elements to fight them off. It depicts taut scenes of aerial resupply under fire and the raw courage required to call in artillery fire virtually on top of your own position. 28 minutes. [3] CONTACT! AMBUSH! The definitive film on Marine Corps land and river patrols in Vietnam: the importance of patrol action is emphasized. Features actual combat footage of the capture of an entire VC village. 13 minutes. [4] OPERATION DEWEY CANYON. An epic battle of the 9th Marine Regiment! Isolated in VC country, the Marines scored one of the most impressive victories of the Vietnam War. Highly recommended film. 26 minutes. -- DVD 95 minutes total --: A video history of Americans in Vietnam featuring some of the most remarkable combat footage ever filmed. These videos are specially packaged for C.I.B. MEDIA with 3 to 7 films per DVD. These exciting videos are so real you can almost smell the gunpowder, sweat and diesel fuel. The original films are from the U.S. governments film archives. Some films were originally made to train replacement troops on what to expect in a combat situation and to build esprit de corps within the subject unit. A few segments may have slight color fading. This video series was created using only the highest quality duplication equipment and materials. Film quality varies from fair to excellent. -VHS format available call toll free 866 242 1811

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Vietnam Wars and S.E. Asia
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