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REMFs: Unsung Warriors in Vietnam. VHS VIDEO. Shows the vital importance of our SUPPORT PERSONNEL to the overall military effort. LOGISTICS and SUPPLY, CIVIC ACTION, FOOD DISTRIBUTION, MEDICAL, CHAPLAINS, ENGINEERS, ETC.

Click to EnlargeREMFs: Unsung Warriors in Vietnam. No joke! We put together an extraordinary collection of six official government FILMS which give long overdue recognition to the hundreds of thousands of military men & women who had REMF jobs in Vietnam. Hold your heads high and be proud of all you did to support America?s military machine. Includes 1st Logistical Command, USAF Logistics, USMC Civic Action, and more.

Six films packaged on one video cover all branches & show the vital importance of our support units to the overall military effort. LOGISTICS and SUPPLY, CIVIC ACTION, FOOD DISTRIBUTION, MEDICAL ASSISTANCE, CHAPLAINS, ENGINEERS, ETC. Nearly 2 hours long.

[1] PIPELINE TO VICTORY: LOGISTICS IN VIETNAM. Demonstrates the serious problem of supplying weapons and materials to troops scattered all over the Vietnamese battlescape. This film tells the unique logistics story of Vietnam, from driving through the densely streets of Saigon to protecting convoys headd for the shifting fronts of the Vietnam War operations.

[2] AIR FORCE LOGISTICS IN SE ASIA. The Air Force logistics and maintenance system in Vietnam ws remarkably efficient. Thanks to the labors of thousands of ground personnel, our aircraft were available for combat missions in all weather. This is the story of the 'unsung' but vitally important men of the Air Force in Vietnam.

[3] FOR THOU ART WITH ME. There are no atheists in the foxholes! Here we see the ministry and missions of chaplains as they provide spiritual strength to troops before, during and after combat.

[4] FULL BLADE. Often unknown and frequently neglected by protesting statesiders during the war were the successful Civic Action programs conducted by the Marine Corps in Vietnam. Illustrates food distribution and medical assistance as well as the harvesting of rice under Leatherneck protection in I Corps.

[5] THE GENTLE HAND. Rach Gia village is now forgotten but typical of the many communities where USN surgeons, corpsmen and medics give aid to South Vietnamese civilans in their villages. This is an in-depth view of the other side of war zone medicine in Vietnam.

[6] BUILDING A NATION. U.S. Air Force Civic Action to aid South Vietnamese villages near U.S. air bases big and small is detailed in this interesting program.

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Vietnam Wars and S.E. Asia
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