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COMBAT ENGINEERS AND SEABEES IN VIETNAM. Army, Marine & Navy engineers at work, Vietnam style, building roads & airfields, mine clearing and combat support operations. Great footage! Five films on one DVD.

Click to EnlargeCombat Engineers and Seabees in Vietnam. Five films on one video:
[1] THE ENGINEER BATTLE IN VIETNAM. The work of US Army engineers in Vietnam was varied and difficult. Engineers performed construction activities on logistical and support facilities, undertook survey and mapping operations, and handled water purification and distribution systems. Tihs was in addition to combat roles involving mine removal, road patrols, etc. This excellent film illustrates all of these activities as a tribute to our engineers.

[2] SAND AND STEEL. Marine engineers and Navy Seabees construct an air base to support USMC combat operations.

[3] ENGINEERS UP! We often forget the many combat roles of engineer troops. Here we see road clearing missions, mine removal as well as construction activities of the USMC engineers.

[4] THEY CLEAR THE WAY. A detailed visual overview of Army engineers at work, Vietnam style, building roads & airfields, mine clearing and combat support operations. An uncommon look at some uncommonly brave men in action.

[5] WE BUILD, WE FIGHT: Seabees. Narrated by Admiral Ben Morrell, founder of the Fighting Seabees in WWII, this film is the story of the naval construction battalions in SE Asia and the Pacific from WWII to the Vietnam War in the 1960s. Exceptional camera work draws attention to the often unpublicized but never easy work performed by the Seabees in Vietnam.

The original films are from the U.S. government?s film archives. Some films were originally made to train replacement troops on what to expect in a combat situation and to build esprit de corps within the subject unit. A few segments may have slight color fading.

This video series was created using only the highest quality duplication equipment and materials. Film quality varies from fair to excellent. Each video contains at least one film on the specified unit or subject, and all films on each video contain material related to the subject title. for VHS format call 866-242-1811

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