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All That We Can Be. Black Leadership And Racial Integration The Army Way. An excellent text for use in a civil-military relations course in colleges, universities, military academies, and war colleges.

Click to EnlargeAll That We Can Be. Black Leadership And Racial Integration The Army Way. REVIEW: "I am glad to know that my fellow citizens can now be inspired by the Army's successes and apply these lessons to education, government, and private industry. Every American?white or black, military or civilian?who cares about building healthy race relations in our country ought to read All That We Can Be."___General Colin L. Powell The foremost autorities on race relations in the armed forces recount the previously untold success story of how the U.S. Army became the most integrated institution in America. Charles C. Moskos and John Sibley Butler observe that the Army is the only place in America where blacks routinely boss around whites, and in this book they lay out the path by which the Army has promoted excellence across racial lines, while also showing how this military model can be adapted to fit the needs of civilian society. The Army way offers hope for our nation in a troubled time, and by following its example, Americans of all races can truly be all that we can be. Biography Charles C. Moskos is professor of sociology at Northwestern University and author of numerous books and studies on the sociology of the armed forces. John Sibley Butler is professor of business and sociology at the University of Texas and author of several books and articles on military race relations.

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