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HIDDEN HEROISM: BLACK SOLDIERS IN AMERICA'S WARS. Amazing but true stories of that portray the strength, dignity, and heroism of the Black American Soldier.

Click to EnlargeHIDDEN HEROISM: BLACK SOLDIERS IN AMERICA'S WARS. Author Robert B. Edgerton investigates the history of Afro-American participation in American wars, from the French and Indian War to the present. He argues that blacks in American society have long-suffered from a "natural coward" stereotype that is implicit in the racism propagated from America's earliest days, and often intensified as blacks slowly received freedom in American society. For instance, blacks served admirably in various wars, returned home after their service to short-term recongnition, and then soon found themselves even more seriously entrenched in a racist system because they were perceived as a threat to whites. This was true, Edgerton argues, until the Civil Rights movement and Vietnam, though the stereotypes have not been fully eradicated. In this book, Edgerton provides an accessible and well-informed tour through this little-known, but significant aspect of race in American military history. REVIEWS: "This well-written book documents the previously unknown contributions made by the Black Soldier to our country and immediately immerses the reader in the stories that portray the strength, dignity, and heroism of the Black Soldier. The reader moves through a myriad of emotions---pride, sadness, and anger---and finally a sense of knowing that history confirms what many have always known to be true---the courage and dedication of the Black Soldier in war and peace." ___Brigadier Gen. Hazel W. Johnson-Brown (US Army, Retired). "Hidden Heroism is a great book. It tells the untold story of Black American service men -- they have upheld a proud and illustrious tradition in the military and have always served with distinction. This book needs to be part of American history." ___Brigadier General Remo Butler, Commander, Special Operations Command South. 296 pages.

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