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UNSUNG HEROES OF WORLD WAR II: The Story of the NAVAJO CODE TALKERS [ AKA the WINDTALKERS ] who created a code based on the Navajo language that the Japanese could never decipher. --CLEARANCE SALE--PRICED REDUCED 50%--

Click to EnlargeUNSUNG HEROES OF WORLD WAR II: The Story of the Navajo Code Talkers. by Deanne Durrett. A code that the Japanese could never decipher was based on the Navajo language. A traditional coded secure message which could take 20 minutes to code, transmit, and decode could be instantly transmitted and decoded by the codetalkers in two minutes or less. Messages were securely transmitted by radiotelephone within minutes during the heat of battle, saving countless lives in the process and effecting the outcome of battles big and small. Here is the story of the men who transmitted and translated more than 800 messages in 48 hours without error during the battle for Iwo Jima. They received no recognition for their vital service until 1969, when the government declassified information about the code and the code-talkers. 122 pages. Illustrated. Reviews: "...this strong, well-written resource about the Navajo's role in the Allied victory is a worthwhile acquisition for both its military and its cultural value...a fascinating, educational read."__Booklist. " Collections supporting multi-cultural or World War II curriculum should consider this book."__Book Report Summary: Primary sources, firsthand accounts, and an engaging narrative examine the role of the Navajos who utilized their native language in a code during World War II. From Guadalcanal to Okinawa, these war patriots were credited with playing a major role in America's victory.

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