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FOO, A JAPANESE-AMERICAN PRISONER OF THE RISING SUN: 'Foo' Fujita's Secret Prison Diary chronicles his internment as the only Japanese American combatant. Fascinating in its detail of the day-to-day life of an American POW.

Click to EnlargeFOO, A Japanese-American Prisoner of the Rising Sun: The Secret Prison Diary of Frank "Foo" Fujita. 6-1/8"x9-1/4". 392 pages, 32 b&w photos. 39 illus. 4 maps. Indexed.


"This work is quite different and is unique in that it chronicles the internment of the only Japanese American combat soldier captured during the Pacific campaign of World War II. Frank 'Foo' Fujita, a Texan who served with the 'Lost Battalion' of the 36th Infantry Division, was captured during the defense of Java in early 1942. . . . Despite the subject, the book reveals much of the humor of Fujita and his comrades. . . . Foo is refreshing in that it never deviates from its view of the Japanese as the aggressors and barbarians of the Pacific War...the view of a Japanese-American who served his country with dignity and honor."__Southwestern Historical Quarterly

"Fujita's chronicle is fascinating in its detail of the day-to-day life of a prisoner of war. He vividly recounts everything from the privations the POWs had to endure, to living conditions in Japan, to the various sexual encounters that occurred in the camp. The book itself is based on a journal Fujita secretly kept while in captivity and is liberally illustrated with drawings, maps, and personal photographs. The writing style is simple and unpretentious. . . . The book is amply footnoted with information that complements Fujita's recollections. . . .

[A]n excellent first-person account, one which will add greatly to the existing literature. Fujita's experiences make for compelling oral history and deserve to be told." __Journal of Military History

"Readers will be impressed with Fujita's ebullience and humor that persisted despite the prolonged ordeal he underwent. A gifted illustrator and cartoonist, his artwork from the period gracefully illuminates the narrative."__Publishers Weekly

"His candid retelling of his experiences is vivid and powerful and . . . presents the portrait of an intelligent and aware observer of life. A recommended memoir for both general reading and World War II collections."__Library Journal

"[A] gripping book . . . a story of courage, tenacity and indomitable human spirit."__The Dallas Morning News

"[A] riveting account of brutality and the strength of the human will. . . . Ably introduced and edited by Stanley L. Falk, former chief historian of the U. S. Air Force, Foo should interest readers of World War II and Asian-American history alike."__Journal of the West

"The Fujita story is one of survival. Through a combination of guile, bravery, adaptation to the enemy's mindset, and sheer luck, Fujita was able to come through this experience and tell his story. This was one tough man."__Ron Marcello, Director of the Oral History Program, University of North Texas

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