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AMERICAN INDIANS AND WORLD WAR II: Toward A New Era in Indian Affairs, by Alison R. Bernstein. American Indians' World War II experiences in battle and on the home front. --CLEARANCE SALE-- 40% DISCOUNT--

Click to EnlargeAMERICAN INDIANS AND WORLD WAR II. This book argues that World War II had a more profound and lasting effect on the course of Indian affairs in the twentieth century than any other single event. Many are aware of the contributions of Indians such as Ira Hayes at Iwo Jima or the Navajo code talkers, and this book recounts those stories. However, WWII created major changes for those Indians who remained at home and on the reservations. Focusing on the period from 1941 to 1947, Alison R. Bernstein explains why termination and tribal self-determination were logical results of the Indians' World War II experiences in battle and on the home front.

This book explores for the first time how the war affected all American Indians, as well as whites. Softcover. Heavily footnoted with extra details, plus an extensive bibliography. 247 pages.

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