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THE BLACK REGULARS, 1866-1898. Based on exhaustive research in documents never before exploited including army correspondence, court martial transcripts, pension applications, letters, archives & period articles.

Click to EnlargeTHE BLACK REGULARS, 1866-1898. Black soldiers first entered the regular army of the United States in the summer of 1866. While their segregated regiments served in the American West for the next three decades, the promise of the Reconstruction era gave way to the repressiveness of Jim Crow. But black men found a degree of equality in the service: the army treated them no worse than it did their white counterparts.

THE BLACK REGULARS uses army correspondence, court martial transcripts, pension applications, letters, archives & period articles to tell who these men were, often in their own words: how they were recruited and how their officers were selected; how the black regiments survived hostile Congressional hearings and stringent budget cuts; how enlisted men spent their time, both on and off duty; and how regimental chaplains tried to promote literacy through the army's schools. The authors shed new light on the military justice system, relations between black troops and their mostly white civilian neighbors, their professional reputations, and what veterans faced when they left the army for civilian life.

Unit covered include: 9th Cavalry, 10th Cavalry, 24th Infantry, 25th Infantry, 38th Infantry, 39th Infantry, 40th Infantry, 41st Infantry.

360 pages. Photographs.

REVIEWS: "Based on exhaustive research in documents never before exploited, The Black Regulars offers fresh perspectives on black soldiers and overturns many long-held assumptions. A seminal work."__Robert M. Utley, author of Cavalier in Buckskin

"The army offered black men better opportunities than did civilian life, and William Dobak's The Black Regulars offers us the best study of their experiences."__James M. McPherson

"Well written and full of fascinating detail, this balanced account should clear up many misconceptions."__Roger Lane, author of The Roots of Black Violence in Philadelphia, 1860-1900

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