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LA COSA NOSTRA MAFIA - AN EXPOSE - DVD 5-pack. Color/B&W Approximately a 7 1/2-hour study on the Mafia! An inside look at the most notorious and ruthless criminal organizations around the globe!

Click to EnlargeLA COSA NOSTRA MAFIA - AN EXPOSE - DVD 5-pack. Crime family profiles, In-depth Biographies, Mafia history, special features. An inside look at international organized crime. This critically acclaimed series chronicles the historical rise of organized crime and its leaders worldwide as it takes you from America to Europe, Russia, Latin America and Asia to hear stories of upheaval, passion, despair and tragedy.

-- Volume 1 - Coming to America / Al Capone Crime Family Profile: The Gambino Family High Profile Biographies: Albert Anastasia, Paul Castellano, and John Gotti In-depth Biography: Al Capone.

--Vol. 2 - Balachi / Luciano / Genovese / Hollywood Crime Family Profile: The Genovese Family High Profile Biographies: Charlie "Lucky" Luciano, Frank Costello, and Vincent "Chin" Gigante In-depth Biography: Meyer Lansky.

--Volume 3 - Vegas / Hoffa. Crime Family Profile: The Luchese Family High Profile Biographies: Paul Vario, Vitorio Amuso, and Joe De Fede In-depth Biography: Bugsy Siegel.

--Volume 4 - Kennedy Connection / Gallo / Colombo / Bonnano. Crime Family Profile: The Bonnano Family High Profile Biographies: Salvatore Marazano, Carmie Galante, Joe Bonnano In-depth Biography: Sam Giancanna.

--Volume 5 - Gotti / Resume. Crime Family Profile: The Colombo Family High Profile Biographies: Joe Profaci, Joe Colombo, Carmie Persico. In-depth Biography: Carmen Trafficante.

Color/B&W Approx. 7 1/2 Hrs. Dolby Digital: Special Features Include: 1) 25 Challenging Trivia Questions & Answers, 2) 15 High Profile Biographies, 3) 5 Crime Family Profiles, 4) 5 In-depth "Mob Boss" Biographies, 5) Direct SceneAccess 10 Mafia Documentaries on 5 DVDs - Special Features As Listed in the Mafia 5 Pak.

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