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AT WAR IN KOREA. A graphic impression of the reality of battle fought at the company and platoon level. Exceptionally well illustrated.

Click to EnlargeAT WAR IN KOREA by famed author George Forty . With a blend of extensive research, personal reminiscences and photographs for the Korean War, the famed author Forty presents a graphic impression of the reality of battle fought at the unit and even sub-unit level. -- The reader gets an in-depth look at life in the trenches, the weaponry used for combat, and the soldiers on both sides of the 38th parallel. Includes maps illustrating the specific battles and other attack offensives of both sides, plus sections on helicopters in Korea, United Nations forces, the U.N.'s bloody battle for The Hook, Pusan, Yalu, Presidential Citations, Chinese offensive, M.A.S.H. and more. 220 superb photographs. Extra Large 8"x11" volume.

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Korean War
History / Tactics / Details
Hardcover book
Battles / Campaigns / Strategy

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