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THE KOREAN WAR. A HISTORY CHANNEL 4-VHS video presentation. Rare combat footage combined with on-camera Korean War veterans. Front-line perspective in unprecedented detail. --VHS CLEARANCE--DISCOUNTED 50%!!

Click to Enlarge--CLEARANCE SALE-- WAS $#59.95; NOW JUST $29.95--- THE KOREAN WAR. A HISTORY CHANNEL® 4-VHS video presentation. Approximately 3.5 hours viewing!! This comprehensive series explores the origins, conduct, military strategies and political implications of this pivotal struggle in unprecedented detail. Before the uneasy truce, more than 2,000,000 military and civilians were killed. Even now, more than a half-century later, this brutally dramatic conflict remains one of the least examined in modern warfare.

Drawing on hundreds of hours of rugged combat footage and interviews with Korean War combat veterans, this is the definitive video chronicles of the war that established the rules for East vs. West conflict in the nuclear age.

A HISTORY CHANNEL® 4-VHS video presentation. Originally aired as "THE KOREAN WAR: FIRE AND ICE."

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Korean War
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