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DISASTER IN KOREA. Nov.-Dec. 1950. 200,000 Chinese soldiers drive the U.S. Eighth Army out of North Korea. All major US Army units covered. Hardcover editions! --OUT OF PRINT--

Click to EnlargeDISASTER IN KOREA: The Chinese Confront MacArthur - Nov-Dec 1950. by Lt. Col. Roy E. Appleman AUS (RET). 200,000 Chinese infantry equipped with little more that grenades, light arms, and simple battle techniques drive U.S., U.N. and South Korean forces out of North Korea. The North Koreans using 2-note signals on ancient shepherd's horns, as well as bugles, whistles, and flares were able to communicate while U.N. forces struggled to lay & repair telephone wire. Camels, horses, and human laborers carried supplies to the Communist forces, while American trucks lay disabled and abandoned. And for the first time, jets flew in combat as Soviet MiG-15s attacked south of the Yalu.

Primary U.S. Eighth Army units covered: 1st Cavalry Division - 7th Cavalry Regiment - 2nd Infantry Division - 9th Cavalry (3/9 Colored) - 23rd Infantry Regiment - 38th Infantry Regiment - 24th Infantry Division - 5th Regimental Combat Team/5th RCT - 19th Infantry Regiment - 27th Infantry Regiment - 25th Infantry Division - 24th Infantry Regiment(Colored) - 27th Infantry Regiment - 35th Infantry Regiment.

Colonel Appleman, the leading historian of the Korean War corrects errors in other histories of the conflict, and is the first to use Chinese sources to tell when and how the Chinese decided to intervene in the War, and how the US Eighth Army was driven out of North Korea. Fully documented, this is an invaluable and accurate record of the conflict. 456 pages. Photos, maps, charts. Hardcover

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