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AIR STRIKE! VHS 4-Video set! Modern Air-to-Ground, Air-to-Air, Top Gun, Missiles, Choppers, Special Ops. A 'white-knuckled, glued in the cockpit' ride --CLEARANCE SALE DISCOUNTED 60% -- WAS $49.95; NOW JUST $19.95 --

Click to Enlarge"AIR STIRKE" is part of our continuing series in the Annals of Air Combat. --An exciting 4-VHS VIDEO SET-- Superior photography and sound. A "white-knuckled, glued in the cockpit" ride on the deadliest, meanest gunslinger aircraft in the American arsenal. --CLEARANCE SALE PRICING -- WAS $49.95; NOW JUST $19.95 --

See it all here in four hours of super-exciting high tech filming. In this set we examine the firepower that modern aircraft can bring to bear on the contemporary battlefield.
In Volume 1, 'Air-to-Ground Combat' we look at how modern planes are used both as support for ground troops and to attack ground based targets.
In Volume 2, 'Air-to-Air Combat', we examine modern air combat maneuvering and its development from the original Top Gun Fighter Weapons School to the skies over the Gulf.
In Volume 3, 'Missile and Chopper Attack', we look at the specialized role of attack helicopters, the Air Cavalry, and their sophisticated use of air-to-ground missiles.
In Volume 4, 'Stealth Attack', we examine how the new generation of Stealth aircraft are transforming air combat.

Total time: 4 Hours. VHS Video 4-pack

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Post Vietnam and Modern Warfare
Aviation: Military
VHS Video
History / Tactics / Details

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