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Battle for Falklands Volume 3, Air Forces. Examines the role of the air forces and aircraft carriers of both sides which fought in the battle for the Falklands. Splendidly illustrated throughout.

Click to EnlargeDuring the Falklands conflict, aircraft (both fixed and rotary-wing) were of crucial importance to both sides: in moving reinforcements quickly across the sea and over the islands, in attacking surface vessels, and in providing protection (with varying degrees of success) against attacks from both above and below the waves. The role of air power was thus to assist friendly surface forces in theirs. Consequently, the air arms of the two antagonists functioned in what was essentially a supporting role, but nevertheless a vital one. The British Task Force might have sailed without any other ship, but its commander, Admiral Woodward, is reliably reported to have said that it could not have sailed without HMS Hermes, the larger of the two aircraft carriers. As for the Argentinians, it is extremely unlikely that a major operation would have been mounted against the Falklands if the islands had been beyond the reach of land-based aircraft. In this companion volume to Men-at-Arms 133 & 134 Roy Braybrook examines the role of the air forces of both sides which fought in the battle for the Falklands. Splendidly illustrated throughout, with eight full page colour plates by Michael Roffe, Terry Hadler and Michael Chappell. The OSPREY MEN-AT-ARMS SERIES features an unrivalled source of information on the history and appearance of the world's fighting men. Each 48-page 7.25" x 9.75" volume includes some 40 illustrations and photographs, and 8-pages of full-color artwork on the title subject.

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Post Vietnam and Modern Warfare
Aviation: Military
Softcover book
Battles / Campaigns / Strategy

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