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APACHE AH-64 ATTACK HELICOPTER 1976–2005. Pictorial history with superb artwork of the seeing action in the Gulf War, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo and the recent conflict in Iraq.

Click to EnlargeApache AH-64 Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) 1976–2005 The Boeing (McDonnell Douglas, formerly Hughes) AH-64A Apache is the US Army’s primary attack helicopter, and the most advanced helicopter gunship flying today. The most expensive rotary-winged aircraft ever built when it was introduced in the early 1980s, it has since proved its worth on battlefields all over the world, seeing action in the Gulf War, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo and the recent conflict in Iraq. This book examines the design, development and deployment of a quick-reacting, airborne weapons system that can fight close and deep to destroy, disrupt, or delay enemy forces.

The Apache’s weapons are divided into two tactical categories: point weapons and area weapons. Hellfire provides point-attack capability and is the key to the AH-64’s success as a tank-killer. The AGM-114C Hellfire is the current base model in Army service. It has a semi-active laser seeker and an improved low-visibility detection capability, compared to the original A model. The AGM-114C also flies a flatter trajectory to the target, and is equipped with a low-smoke motor to minimize the risk that potential targets see the incoming missile in time to initiate countermeasures.

Design and development of the AH-64
Variants and users
Weapons and tactics
Operational history
Color plate commentary

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Post Vietnam and Modern Warfare
Aviation: Military
Softcover book
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