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CADILLAC FLIGHT. A flying adventure of the highest order; a novel with the ring of total authenticity and gut-wrenching combat flying over Vietnam. Original hardcover! -$1.00...SELECT AS A BONUS WITH ANY PURCHASE~~

Click to EnlargeCADILLAC FLIGHT. by Marshall Harrison, author of "A Lonely Kind of War" and a 3-tour pilot in Vietnam. A novel of gut-wrenching flying over Vietnam, pilots frustrations with the murky politics of the Vietnam War, and of living to make it to the 100th mission and a ticket home. Exciting air combat of Thuds vrs MiGs, SAMs and much more. This is a 'white knuckle' read!

REVIEW From Library Journal:
Air Force Captain Jim Broussard, flying an F-105 Thud over Hanoi as part of the formation "Cadillac flight," is the hero of a fast-moving re-creation of the Vietnam air war, when the idea of surviving 100 missions seemed as remote as the moon. The author has assembled a cast of familiar characters (ambitious officers, beautiful nurse, cynical medics, empathic ground crew) and scenes (fitting a new man into the place of a dead comrade, checking out equipment, refueling in midair). The camaraderie and bravery of the pilots, the split-second maneuvers of the aerial combat, the devastation of the ground below, the awful grief of watching one's wingman hurtle flaming earthward, are set forth with loving hand and an artist's eye... A worthwhile purchase for those who need to know--or remember--how it was.

344 pages. CLEARANCE OF ORIGINAL HARDCOVER EDITIONS. Cover price $19.95. --SELECT AS A FREE BONUS WITH ANY OTHER BOOK PURCHASE~~Maximum of one free book per order.

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Post Vietnam and Modern Warfare
Aviation: Military
Hardcover book
Heroes and Aces

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