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PRODIGALS: A VIETNAM STORY. An engrossing and extraordinary combat memoir of a junior officer who served as an advisor to an ARVN Infantry Battalion during Tet 1968, and with the 1/7th Cavalry, 1st Cav Division during 1970-71.

Click to EnlargePRODIGALS: A VIETNAM STORY. During his first tour in Vietnam - 1967-68 - Dick Taylor was a well trained and highly motivated amateur assigned to advise a hard-bitten ARVN infantry battalion working in the mud and streams of IV Corps. He became savvy in a hurry and found that he was both brave and resourceful. He barely survived Tet 1968, then served on an advisory team staff.

For the next two years, Taylor earned a Ranger tab, served on a division staff, and schooled on. He met his wife, and married her days before he returned to Vietnam.

Taylor's second tour - 1970-71 - was altogether different. He immediately assumed command of Bravo Company, 1/7 Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division, and excelled as a commander and a leader. He was aggressive in the field, confident in his command, and assertive with his superiors. He fought a good war, a successful war, and when he was forced to take a staff job it was as his battalion's intelligence officer. But the war was winding down, its purpose lost. Taylor's spirit's flagged, but not his fidelity.
This well-written combat memoir is heartfelt, earnest, honest and just a little melancholy.

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Vietnam Wars and S.E. Asia
Combat Memoirs / Biographies
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