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THE OSS AND HO CHI MINH: UNEXPECTED ALLIES IN THE WAR AGAINST JAPAN IN WWII. Some will be shocked to find out that the U.S.A. and Ho Chi Minh were once allies. This is the amazing true story.

Click to EnlargeTHE OSS AND HO CHI MINH: UNEXPECTED ALLIES IN THE WAR AGAINST JAPAN. Indeed, during the last year of World War II, American spies in Indochina found themselves working closely with Ho Chi Minh and other anti-colonial factionsócompelled by circumstances to fight together against the Japanese. Dixee R. Bartholomew-Feis reveals how this relationship emerged and operated and how it impacted Vietnamís struggle for independence.

The men of General William Donovanís newly-formed Office of Strategic Services closely collaborated with communist groups in both Europe and Asia against the Axis enemies. In Vietnam, this meant that OSS officers worked with Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Minh, whose ultimate aim was to rid the region of all imperialist powers, not just the Japanese. Ho, for his part, did whatever he could to encourage the OSSís negative view of the French, who were desperate to regain their colony. Revealing details not previously known about their covert operations, Bartholomew-Feis chronicles the exploits of these allies as they developed their network of informants, sabotaged the Japanese occupationís infrastructure, conducted guerrilla operations, and searched for downed American fliers and Allied POWs.

Although the OSS did not bring Ho Chi Minh to power, Bartholomew-Feis shows that its apparent support for the Viet Minh played a significant symbolic role in helping them fill the power vacuum left in the wake of Japanís surrender. Her study also hints that, had America continued to champion the anti-colonials and their quest for independence, rather than caving in to the French, we might have been spared our long and very lethal war in Vietnam.

Based partly on interviews with surviving OSS agents who served in Vietnam, Bartholomew-Feisís engaging narrative and compelling insights speak to the yearnings of an oppressed peopleóand remind us that history does indeed make strange bedfellows.

ďA gripping and insightful account of Americaís first foray into the quagmire of Vietnam. Highly recommended for the specialist and the lay reader alike.Ē--William J. Duiker, author of Ho Chi Minh: A Life

ďVividly brings to life a small group of Americans who intersected with Vietnamís history at its most important moment in the twentieth century.Ē--David G. Marr, author of Vietnam 1945: The Quest for Power

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Vietnam Wars and S.E. Asia
Airborne / Elite / Special Ops
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