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OKINAWA: Victory in the Pacific. Details the combat operations of the U.S. Marine & Army units during the Battle for Okinawa. An Official USMC campaign history.

Click to EnlargeOKINAWA: Victory in the Pacific. This official Marine Corps battle and campaign history was originally written by Charles Nichols and Henry Shaw for the U.S. Marine Corps Historical Section in exceptional detail. This edition is an exact reprint of the highest quality of the original 1955 issue.

In 1945, the island of Okinawa represented a strategic objective of great importance. Located only 300 miles from Kyushu, Japan, Okinawa was a vital communications center linking Japan with Formosa and China. The island's capture would secure command of the East China Sea and provide land, air and naval bases for future operations against Japan.

Landings began 1 April '45. Marine and Army units faced increasingly bitter Japanese resistance. Bad weather, rugged terrain, and a well-trained, resolute, defense force gave the Japanese an advantage that was overcome only by courage, ingenuity, and endurance of the highest order. By 21 June '45, after 10 weeks of exhaustive non-stop bloody combat, the island was declared secure.

Over 7,000 Americans were killed, and 31,000 more were wounded. The Japanese lost 100,000 KIA, including many civilians who were caught in the fighting.

Details operations of these United States units:
--1st Marine Division
--6th Marine Division
--III Amphibious Corps
--Tenth US Army
--XXIV Corps
--7th Infantry Division
--27th Infantry Division
--77th Infantry Division
--96th Infantry Division
--Tank units
--Artillery units
--Navy Task Forces 31, 34, 51, 52, 53, 58

This edition is an exact reprint of the highest quality of the original 1955 issue. Large 8.5"x11.25" cloth volumes colored blood-red and embellished with rich gold lettering. 368 pages with two columns of text per page and exceptionally well illustrated with 93 photographs, 41 maps & drawings.

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World War II
Pacific Theater, WWII
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