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1st MARINE DIVISION COMBAT HISTORY IN WWII. 3-DVD video set. American Fighting Divisions video series. Follow the 'Old Breed' from Guadalcanal to Okinawa with real WWII combat footage.

Click to Enlarge1st MARINE DIVISION COMBAT HISTORY IN WWII. 3-DVD video set. American Fighting Divisions video series. This 3-DVD set series will take you through the all of the major battles and campaigns in which the 1st Marine Division, The Old Breed, participated and suffered nearly 20,000 total casualties, killed, wounded and missing, during World War II.

Eight months after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States 1st Marine Division spearheaded the first American counter offensive against the Japanese Empire on 7 August 1942. In what became the most protracted battle in Marine Corps history, the 1st Marine Division landed on a little known primitive island in the Solomons called Guadalcanal. Here The Old Breed fought almost non-stop for six months until February 1943.

The 1st Marine Division went on to fight on New Britain in late 1943 and into 1944, and then faced a deeply entrenched foe on rugged Peleliu of the Palau Islands in September and October 1944. Initially planned as a short two-week campaign, the battles waged on for two months. The Palau Islands, east of the Philippines, formed an important link in the Japanese defensive line flanking the American advance towards the Philippines during 1944. The most important of the Palau Islands was Peleliu. Peleliu was ringed with mangrove swamps inside a coral reef and was dominated by a long, steep, jungle-choked ridge, and was defended by 6,000 Japanese troops.

Taking this island was the mission of the 1st Marine Division and elements of the 81st Infantry Division. Here the Marines led the first American assault against Japanese “defense in depth” tactics. Suffering heavy casualties from the first day, 15 September 1944, the 1st Marine Division faced bitter fighting is some of the world’s most difficult terrain. Although organized Japanese resistance formally ended on 13 October 1944, Peleliu’s mangrove swamps and caves continued to harbor many Japanese soldiers, some of whom fought on for years believing that the war was not over.

The difficult U.S. Marine operations in Palau extended to other islands in addition to Peleliu. You’ll learn about Admiral Nimitz’s initial planning through the assault phase to the eventual victory.

The last film takes you to Okinawa, 26 March to 30 June 1945. Filmed by United States Marine Corps combat cameramen in rare WWII color, this is the story of the Third Marine Amphibious Corps and the 1st Marine Division beginning with the first day of the assault. The Marines drive north against increasingly fierce resistance from well-armed Japanese defender. Hiding in caves and dug into ridges and hills with names like Sugar Loaf and Shuri Line, the Japanese fought to the death.

You’ll witness the capture of key airfields for our Air Force, and the capture of Okinawa’s largest city in house-to-house fighting. There is considerable tank and infantry action, as well as information on Japanese suicide plane and boats. In the end, over 110,000 Japanese were killed, with 12,500 Americans killed and another 37,000 wounded. At sea, 36 American ships were sunk, and nearly 400 were damaged..

Approximately 3.5 hours total.
This is Guadalcanal – Aug 1942-43
Attack-The Battle for New Britain - 1943
Palau Operations, Sept-Oct 1944.
Fury in the Pacific, Sept-Oct 1944.
Okinawa Operations March–June 1945

A Special introductory commentary is provided by historian and CIB Media president Frank R. Cambria, Captain, US Army

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