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WALL OF FIRE: A DIARY OF THE THIRD KOREAN WINTER CAMPAIGN. A rare personal memoir from the 45th Infanry Division in Korea as seen from the deadly quad-50 machine gun halftracks.

Click to EnlargeWALL OF FIRE: A DIARY OF THE THIRD KOREAN WINTER CAMPAIGN. When twenty-two-year-old 2nd Lt. Dudley Hughes received orders to Korea, while stationed at Fort Bliss in the summer of 1952, he was not exactly elated but neither was he surprised. The Korean conflict had begun on the heels of World War II and most of his adult male friends had seen military service. His main regret was leaving behind his beautiful wife, Robbie, after less than one year of marriage. Dudley and his twin brother, Dan, also a second lieutenant, were allowed to serve together. They arrived in Korea in December 1952 as replacement officers to the 145th Army Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion of the 45th Infantry Division and were assigned to separate front-line platoons, manning quad-50 machine gun halftracks. Dudley and Dan were instrumental in developing techniques that made it possible to fire multiple quad-50s at unseen targets, similar to field artillery. By concentrating fire from a group of these weapons, a wall of fire was created that terrorized attacking enemy infantry and helped repulse several large enemy attacks.
This accurate historical record is personalized by a ?diary? derived from excerpts of daily letters written by the author to his young wife, lending the history a sense of immediacy and intimacy.

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