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VIETNAM - THE DECISIVE BATTLES. The most remarkable visual analysis of warfare ever to be published!! Specially commissioned artwork and stunning computer graphics recreate of 17 of the most decisive battles of the war.

Click to EnlargeSee the most important battles of the Vietnam War come alive before on these pages through the most remarkable visual analysis of warfare ever to be published: VIETNAM - THE DECISIVE BATTLES by John Pimlott. Extra large volume. Forward by Shelby Stanton. Hundreds of illustrations, maps & photos.


Detailed text covers each battle, supported by amazing 3-dimensional maps, artwork, photos and illustrations. Covers from Dien Bien Phu 1954 to the fall of Saigon 1975. Includes Operations Ia Drang, Starlite, Attleboro, Bolo, Junction City, Khe Sahn, Hamburger Hill, Tet '68, An Loc, Long Tan, Cambodia, Laos and MUCH more.

In this EXTRA LARGE amazing encyclopedic volume you will find...
[1] The crucial military actions recreated in detailed paintings based on computer-generated maps.
[2] Weapons that shocked the world and traumatized a generation but could not win the war.
[3] Unforgettable images from the first televised war.
[4] The tactics and strategies, debates and protests, brought alive in an informative text.

Covers land, sea and air battles including these fine units: --1st Infantry Division;
--9th Infantry Division;
--25th Infantry Division;
--1st Air Cavalry Division;
--11th Armored Cavalry Regiment;
--Mobile Riverine Force;
--Task Force X-Ray;
--196th Infantry Bde;
--199th Infantry Bde;
--173rd Airborne Bde;
--101st Airborne Div;
--27th Infantry Wolfhounds;
--US Navy;
--US Air Force;
--Special Forces;
--Australian Forces

Review From Publishers Weekly: Pimlott, deputy head of Sandhurst's War Studies Department in England, has put together an attractive, richly illustrated history of the Vietnam War from the fall of Dienbienphu in 1954 to the fall of Saigon in '75. Essentially a large-format picture book with accompanying text that traces the politics and diplomacy that provided the context for the fighting, most of the art-work is devoted to 17 decisive engagements on land, sea and in the air. Graphics include photos (many never seen in the West), computer-generated maps of the battlefields and specially commissioned paintings that depict critical moments. The battles include the airmobile assault in the Ia Drang Valley in '65, the battle of Long Tan (Aussies versus VC) in '66, the siege of Khe Sanh and the Tet Offensive of '68, the ARVN defense of An Loc and the bombing of the Thanh Hoa Bridge during the '72 Easter Offensive. An evenhanded, objective survey, this is a useful book for those wanting an easily digestible overview of a long and complicated war.

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Vietnam Wars and S.E. Asia
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