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CROSSING THE SAUER. The 28th INFANTRY DIVISION with PATTON'S THIRD ARMY. A tough, vivid, honest, grim but inspiring, and tautly written combat memoir of fighting the Nazis across WWII Germany.

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CROSSING THE SAUER - A combat memoir of World War II. Charles Reis Felix. Focused primarily on the Patton's Third Army's 28th Infantry Division. There are no heroes in this combat memoir, only bedraggled GIs wishing they were elsewhere. Laced with ribald soldier humor and experiences, and filled with tales of fear, death, mud and poignant glimpses of the negatives of war.

"We stood waiting for a long time. Then a sergeant walked into the courtyard. He was the dirtiest soldier I had ever seen. He was caked with dried mud from head to foot. He had several days' growth of whiskers. His eyes were sunken. He walked heavily. My first thought was, Wherever this guy's been, I don't want to go there." Crossing the Sauer is a tough, vivid, honest, and tautly written memoir of advancing through Germany with Patton's Third Army. Join Charlie Felix on a tour of duty with characters worthy of M*A*S*H or Catch-22: loyal Berseglaria, bombastic Major Pusey, happy-to-be-alive Harry Folenius, hot-headed Hillbilly, and more. By turns hilarious and poignant, grim and inspiring, Crossing the Sauer bears the earmarks of a classic.

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