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34th INFANTRY DIVISION -RED BULL- DVD-IN WORLD WAR II FROM NORTH AFRICA TO ITALY. A National Guard unit with exceptional service. Includes four related films on one VHS video.

Click to Enlarge34th INFANTRY DIVISION "RED BULL" IN WORLD WAR II FROM NORTH AFRICA TO ITALY. A National Guard unit with exceptional service. Includes two brief segments on the Japanese American 100th Infanry Battalion when it was attached to the 34th Infantry Division. Four films on one video:
[1] RED BULL ATTACKS. The National Guardsmen from the wheat fields of the midwest are stubborn. Their determination carried them from the desert of North Africa all the way up the Italian Peninsula. In this film history, a very deserving unit is honored for exceptional service in WWII. A true veteran unit that lived up to its moto, "Attack, Attack, Attack!"

[2] NAPLES TO CASSINO. Exciting coverage of the relentless drive north up the rugged boot of Italy takes you along with the intrepid Americans at the Battle of San Pietro and the incredible assault on Monte Cassio.

[3] BEACHHEAD AT ANZIO. We took the Germans by surprise at Anzio...and did not know it! Our failure to follow up with a strong assault resulted in hard fighting for the 3rd, 34th, and 45th Infantry Divisions as well as men from our elite Ranger units. Here's the entire sad story. Fortunately, our men overcame their leadership to begin the breakthrough to Rome.

[4] LIBERATION OF ROME. This is the official U.S. combat film account of the breakthrough at Cassino and Anzio to liberate the Italian capitol. 96 minutes.

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