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DRAGOON, THE OTHER INVASION OF FRANCE, AUGUST 15, 1944... THE LARGEST OPERATION OF ITS KIND in the European War. An hour-by-hour account of the fighting with 750+ supporting photos & illustrations. Extra large volume.

Click to EnlargeDRAGOON by Paul Gaujac. The preparation of the Provence landing in August 1944 was so precise that, against all odds, everything went exactly as scheduled. Therefore, this book emphasizes on the military planning involving all the units and equipments used. The second part of the book deals with the landing operations themselves and the first three days of fighting in Provence, by US troops, up to the arrival of the French 1st Army.

The second largest US landing operation in France has never received such a detailed coverage, both in preparation and in execution, Dragoon became the LARGEST OPERATION OF ITS KIND in the European War, involving 1,000 ships, 3,000 aircraft and ultimately 1,000,000 troops! More than 60 color profiles of aircraft and landing crafts and ships.

U.S. units covered include:
3rd Infantry Division
36th Infantry Division,
45th Infantry Division,
442nd Regimental Combat Team
517th Parachute Regiment,
551st Parachute Infantry,
509th Parachute Infantry,
First Spec Service Force,
1st Airborne Task Force,
Seventh U.S. Army
American Pathfinders
540th Combat Engineers
40th Combat Engineer Regiment
36th Combat Engineer Regiment
191st Tank Battalion
756th Tank Battalion
601st Tank Destroyer Battalion and other Tank Destroyer units
USS Brooklyn and many other warships

Plus French forces

The August 1944 Allied Invasion of Southern France - Second only in scope to the Normandy Invasion, 'Operation Dragoon' (aka Anvil) is the little known controversial Allied invasion of the French Mediterranean coast. Initially planned to coincide with D-Day, Operation Dragoon bogged down between American and British hierarchy.

In the end, the joint Seventh U.S. Army and British troops annihilated Hitler's 19th Army, captured over 100,000 German soldiers, and liberated two-thirds of France in just 30 days. The video provides original footage with superb naration.

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