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BEYOND VALOR: WWII U.S. RANGER & AIRBORNE VETERANS REVEAL THE HEART OF COMBAT. Perhaps the most honest & brutal account of combat possible on the printed page, as seen through the eyes of the veterans themselves.

Click to EnlargeBEYOND VALOR: WORLD WAR II's RANGER AND AIRBORNE VETERANS REVEAL THE HEART OF COMBAT. For more than fifty years the individual stories that make up this narrative?shockingly frank reflections of sacrifice and courage?have been bottled up, buried, or circulated privately. Now, nearing the ends of their lives, our WWII soldiers have at last unburdened themselves. Arthur Patrick O'Donnell presents the wreckage of entire battalion's nearly annihilated, invisible personal scars, and haunting revelations of wartime atrocities. The narratives are highly charged, emotional, dramatic, intense, and collectively show the horrific underside of war that has seldom been exposed so graphically. Includes the elite units of Rangers, Airborne, and the 1st Special Service Force. Includes Parachute Infantry Regiments 501st, 502nd, 503rd, 504th, 505th 506th, 507th, 508th, 515th, 517th, Parachute Infantry Battalions 503rd, 509th, 551st and a rare look at the all black ?Triple Nickel? 555th, and Ranger Battalions 1-6. 376 pages. Photographs. 11 maps.

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World War II
Airborne / Elite / Special Ops
Hardcover book
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