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THE PARROT'S BEAK: U.S. Operations in Cambodia 1970. HELL IS A VERY SMALL PLACE… THE TRUE STORY OF A TOP-SECRET INCURSION INTO FORBIDDEN TERRITORY. Be prepared for an exciting combat adventure!

Click to EnlargeTHE PARROT'S BEAK: U.S. Operations in Cambodia, by Paul Morgan - This book depicts real events that took place in the Spring of 1970 in Southeast Asia. The author, Paul Morgan, participated in these events as a scout dog handler; however he has assigned fictitious names to the persons in the book. The result is an up-close story of brutal combat at the squad level. When you read this, be prepared for an exciting and captivating combat adventure. This is a great book for military enthusiasts, historians, and devotees of the K-9 heroes who served in Vietnam.

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Vietnam Wars and S.E. Asia
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