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Thunder Vietnam-Four action aviation films over Vietnam

Click to EnlargeFour exciting films of the US Air Force missions over the jungles of Vietnam. Fly in the pilot's seat as you bomb and strafe your target in the following four color films: The 25 Hour Day Story of the F-105. Depicts the Thud's interdiction mission cutting the Viet Cong supply lines. Mission profiles from briefing, bombing up, aerial refueling, maintenance, the mission, return, and the rescue. TAC In Action 1964 A survay of Tactical Air Command, its aircraft and mission. Pre-Camoflage footage of the F-84F, F-100D dropping napalm, the new F-C dpwmomg a drone with a sidewinder missile. Airpower in Action: 1966 A quick overview of the entire USAF mission in vietnam with short clips of each aircraft type and the role it played. Command structure, PACAF and the 7th Air Force. Footage of close air support and B-2 strikes, and the Ranch Hand Mission which sprayed a "harmless herbicide" Tactical Air Power Demonstrations of the latest striking power of the Tactical Air Command Weapons deliveries, assult airlifts, close air support and 0-1E's photo recon mission. F-105's, F-111's. Incredable low level footage Running time 75 Minutes All Color DVD

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Vietnam Wars and S.E. Asia
Aviation: Military
Hardcover book
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