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OPERATION COBRA 1944: BREAKOUT FROM NORMANDY. One of the most decisive months of WWII was between 25 July & 25 Aug.'44. As Patton's Third Army poured into Brittany and raced south, the Nazi's were threatened with encirclement.

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Superbly illustrated history detailing the strategies, tactics and battle experiences of the opposing forces. Full color battlescenes, 3-dimensional "bird's eye view" maps, photographs, and battle maps.

OPERATION COBRA 1944: BREAKOUT FROM NORMANDY. On 25 July General Bradley launched Operation Cobra to break the deadlock. One of the most decisive months of World War II was the 30 days between 25 July and 25 August 1944. After the success of the D-Day landings, the Allied forces found themselves bogged down in a bloody stalemate in Normandy. US forces punched a hole in the German frontline and began a spectacular advance. As Patton?s Third Army poured into Brittany and raced south to the Loire, the German army was threatened with encirclement. By the end of August German forces in Normandy were utterly destroyed, and the remaining German units in central and southern France were in headlong retreat to the German frontier. In this title Steve Zaloga explains how the breakout from Normandy came about. (more) Operation Cobra ended the stalemate which had followed the Normandy landings. Bradley's offensive and the aftermath delivered a crushing blow to the German army in France. This campaign took the British and US armies to the borders of Hitler?s 1000-year Reich, and in the pursuit which followed Operation Cobra the whole of France was liberated within six weeks.

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World War II
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