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USS RANGER (CV-4) - The Navyís First Carrier from Keel to Mast, 1934-1946. This is the USS Ranger's unique, never-before-told story. Includes 100s of photos and details of all combat missions against the Nazis.

Click to EnlargeThe USS RANGER (CV-4) was the U.S. Navyís first aircraft carrier to be built assuch from the keel up. The RANGER helped maintain the Franklin D. Roosevelt administrationís Good Neighbor Policy, served as a platform for the development of new methods for the operation of carriers and carrier aircraft, continued the Navyís work in cold-weather flight operations, pioneered director-controlled antiaircraft fire, and trained many naval aviators. During World War II, the RANGER occupied center stage in Operation Torch (against the Vichy French positions in North Africa in 1942) and Operation Leader (against German shipping in 1943), which was the Navyís only carrier operation above the Arctic Circle during the war. In both instances, the shipís air group faced the requirement to hit legitimate military targets while minimizing civilian casualties, a problem the United States would confront again in later conflicts. Robert J. Cressmanís emphasis on the human element in both peace and war reinforces his observation that carriers, like people, have multifaceted personalities, represented by not only the ship and its company but also the air group for which it serves as a home. -- Cloth hardcover edition: 408 pages; 8 X 11 inches.

REVIEW: "Cressman's care for his subject is matched by his publisher. Handsomely produced, the book is well-illustrated with many of the photographs appearing for the first time. The illustrations neatly dovetail with the text, and the captions are themselves replete with added detail. The glossary and index are both models of comprehensiveness. This study should be acquired by any library with strong holdings in naval history."___THE JOURNAL OF MILITARY HISTORY

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