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HEAVY METAL: A TANK COMPANY'S BATTLE TO BAGHDAD. A no-holds-barred battle account from the tip of the Army’s spear. Tells us much about the qualities of today’s American soldier and 21st-Century desert & urban warfare.

Click to EnlargeHEAVY METAL: A Tank Company's Battle to Baghdad. During the Iraq War, coauthor Capt. Jason Conroy commanded Charlie Company, which was part of Task Force 1-64, 2d Brigade Combat Team, part of the U.S. Army’s 3d Infantry Division. A tank unit equipped with mammoth M1A1 Abrams tanks, Conroy’s company was literally at the tip of the U.S. Army’s spear and one of the first elements into Baghdad. Veteran journalist Ron Martz was embedded in Charlie Company. Together, from the unique perspective of an armor unit that was in nearly continuous combat for four straight weeks, Conroy and Martz tell the unvarnished story of what went right and what went deadly wrong in Iraq. Conroy and his soldiers were able to overcome supply shortages, intelligence failures, and miserable weather to battle their way into downtown Baghdad, a place where they were told they would never have to fight. "Heavy Metal" evaluates the Army’s performance, including its use of tactics that were developed during the war but for which the soldiers had never trained.

Through the exciting personal stories of the young troopers of Charlie Company - who experienced a very different war from what was seen back home on TV - "Heavy Metal" tells us much about the qualities of today’s American soldier, about twenty-first-century desert and urban warfare, and about how the Army should prepare to fight future wars.

"Shows the war from the fighting soldier's point of view. . . . This is an excellent book with great insight into how a tank company gets the job done. It proves that despite all the training and technology, no plan ever survives contact with the enemy and soldiers have to succeed on their training and critical thinking. HEAVY METAL is not too technical for the average reader and is a must read for anyone in the armor branch." --ARMY

"It is a story from the commander’s perspective, how he prepared his company, what the company expected, how they fought, and what he thinks his unit accomplished. But more than a military report, it is a story of the humanity and endeavor of men fighting for a cause in which they believe. It is also a tale of young soldiers in battle and the proud story of a famous division once again on the leading edge of our national policy. . . . Heavy Metal is the new gold standard for the junior leader’s book. In it, you will find timeless principles and a realistic look at the future." --From the foreword by Gen. Gordon R. Sullivan, USA (Ret.)

"Captain Jason Conroy and veteran combat reporter Ron Martz have produced a powerful story of courage and flexibility by America's armored soldiers at war in Iraq." --Gen. Barry McCaffrey, USA (Ret.)

"HEAVY METAL has all the elements of a successful novel--admirable heroes, terrific plot, exciting action, and valuable insights about motivation, dedication, and determination. What makes [it] so special is that it is rooted in reality and, for a nonfiction account, written in wonderfully engaging, escriptive prose." --THE PATRIOT-NEWS (Harrisburg, PA)

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Desert Storm/Mid-Eastern Conflicts
Armor / Vehicles / Weapons
Hardcover book
Battles / Campaigns / Strategy

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