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USS INTREPID (CV-11): The Floating Drydock. Provides great detail and understanding of the various weapons and sensor systems of the ship, plus her memorable record of service in WWII & Vietnam. Pictorial.

Click to EnlargeUSS INTREPID (CV-11): The Floating Drydock. This magnificient pictorial history book begins with an easy to understand explanation of how and why aircraft carriers were originally planned and why the Intrepid was designed the way it was when it was commissioned in 1943. Two Kamikaze aircraft crashing into her flight deck in late 1944 would end her World War Two combat, but not before compiling a memorable record of service.

In the 1960's, Intrepid would deliver powerful blows to the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese in the Vietnam War. In an easy to read manner, this book provides great detail and understanding of the various weapons and sensor systems of the ship and of her propulsion plant. Softcover, 54 pages, and well illustrated with action and detail photos.

Two 22-inch color centerfolds show the Intrepid as she appeared in 1943 and later in 1974 just before she became a permanent museum ship in New York City. The color centerfold include images of the various aircraft flown from her decks and painted with their actual squadron paint schemes. Persons who love naval history will enjoy this book, as well as modelers.

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