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RELIEVED of COMMAND. Being fired is hardly newsworthy ....Yet, when it happens to a senior military officer in war, it is news. FACINATING 100% TRUE STORIES OF WWII COMBAT GENERAL OFFICERS WHO WERE RELIEVED OF COMMAND.

Click to EnlargeRELIEVED of COMMAND, by Benjamin S. Persons. Being fired happens all the time and is hardly newsworthy ....Yet, when it happens to a senior military or naval officer, it is news. This book speaks of little conflicts, not grand strategy. The men who are written about were dedicated, loyal, brave, and well trained. They simply did not achieve what was expected of them. Chance played a great part in their undoing....These combat-command general officers were relieved while commanding brigades, combat commands, division, or corps. Here are the reasons and interesting details of these major command decisions.

Includes commanders of the 1st Infantry Division, 3rd Armored Division, 7th Infantry Division, 27th Infantry Division, 32nd Infantry Division, 90th Infantry Division, 106th Infantry Division, II Corps, VI Corps and others.

Benjamin S. Persons served in World War II through activation and training as a anti-tank platoon leader in the 42nd Infantry (Rainbow) Division. Before the Division departed for France, he transferred to the Division Engineers. He led a 2nd Battalion, 232nd Infantry, engineer platoon in combat in France, Germany, and Austria, and was awarded the Bronze and Silver Stars. 190 pages. illustrated

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