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FIGHTING THE BREAKOUT: THE GERMAN ARMY IN NORMANDY FROM 'COBRA' TO THE FALAISE GAP. Fascinating account through German eyes of the strategy to stop the U.S. First and Third Army's breakout from Normandy July 25-August 20, 1944

Click to EnlargeFIGHTING THE BREAKOUT - THE GERMAN ARMY IN NORMANDY FROM 'COBRA' TO THE FALAISE GAP. Freiherr von Gersdorff, Fritz Beyerlein, Freiherr von Luttwitz, et al; edited by David C. Isby. Based on previously unpublished orginal documents and papers written by German officers, and reports gathered by US Intelligence officers as part of the classified post-war debriefing sessions. focusing on the events in Normandy period of July 25-August 20 1944. German accounts of the fighting in Normandy, and the U.S. First Army and Third Army's breakout from Normandy.

This fascinating volume charts the progress of the Allied breakout of Normandy through German eyes. Beginning with Operation COBRA and ending with the offensive that led to the liberation of Paris, this critical phase of the war in the west is examined and described by senior German officers. Examines Allied superiority and evaluates German efforts to contain Allied forces in Normandy. Key events such as the counter-attack at Mortain, the American offensive, the Argentan Pocket, British and Canadian efforts, the the sequence of events that led to the deadliest fighting around the Falaise Gap are examined in fascinating detail. German generals also explain why they lost.

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