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LIBERATION OF POINTE DU HOC: U.S. ARMY RANGERS AT NORMANDY, D-Day 1944. 225 brave men scaled a 100-foot Normandy cliff under deadly fire and fought their way into history. After two days, only 90 Rangers remained!

Click to EnlargeTHE LIBERATION OF POINTE DU HOC: The 2d Ranger Battalion at Normandy, D-Day June 6-8, 1944 - by J.M. McDonald. In one of the remarkable stories of D-Day, the task of liberating a small but significant German stronghold-Pointe du Hoc-fell to 225 brave souls from the 2nd Ranger Battalion. Led by Lt. Col. James Rudder, the men scaled the 100 foot cliff and fought their way into history.

Volunteers for "the most dangerous mission of that day", they were asked to overcome natural barriers, destroy six huge 155mm guns, cut German communications, set up roadblocks, and hinder enemy reinforcements from reaching the beach areas. The suppression of the German guns would literally make a life or death difference to the U.S. troops landing on Omaha and Utah Beaches. After two days of fighting, only 90 of the battalion were left to tell their story. 8"x10"; 200 pages; 80 Photographs.

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