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GREAT BATTLES OF WWII. 2-DVD Set; Over 4-1/2 HOURS covering six key battles: BATTLE OF THE BULGE at St. Vith; Battle For North Africa; Beachhead At Anzio; Breaching the Siegfried Line; Bridge At Remagen; Battle for Manila.

Click to EnlargeGREAT BATTLES OF WWII. 2-DVD video set. It lasted only six years, not long as history goes, but it produced the biggest armies, the most devastating weapons, it cost more and destroyed more than any other war. It put some seventy million people in uniform and killed perhaps as many as thirty million.

This collection tells the story of a number of battles fought in places most people had never heard about before the war: a stretch of beach, a remote island, a forest and places where the essential history of this enormous conflict was written.

This DVD set is by no means the whole story of World War II. Our aim is to show and recreate a feeling of what it meant to the people who were swept up by the war.

Disc 1

The Battle For North Africa.
A special two part presentation of the military campaigns of North Africa, covering the destruction of the nazi fleet in Oran, June 1940, and concluding with the bitter battle of El Alamein. With Rommel out of the picture, Field Marshal Montgomery led the way to victory.

Battle Of St. Vith
These films give the story and background of Hitler's Ardennes offensive in December 1944. After being attacked for three days, the American troops were forced to retreat. This encounter lead to the Battle of the Bulge.

Beachhead At Anzio
Watch the valiant efforts of the joint Allied Forces establishing a vital beachhead at the coastal town of Anzio, Italy.

Disc 2

Tried By Fire
Two part epic that shows the role of the 84th Infantry Division in the breakthrough of the former impregnable Siegfried Line and the dramatic conflict known as the Battle of the Bulge. Also includes the crossing of the Roer and Rhine rivers.

Bridge At Remagen
Watch the events surrounding the capture of the important bridge at Remagen by American troops march 7, 1945. This gave the U.S. troops the first bridgehead on the Rhine River. Included in this film is a review of the importance of this capture as part of the war in Europe.

Battle Of Manila
This chapter covers the invasion of the Philippines through the final liberation of the capital city of Manila.

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