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USS PAMPANITO, KILLER-ANGEL. Submarine SS-383. A SHOCKING TRUE STORY. The Pampanito sunk two Japanese ships, unwittingly KILLING 100s of ALLIED POWs enroute to work Bridge on the River Kwai railway. --50% DISCOUNT--

Click to Enlarge Original Hardcover edition. Submarine SS-383 USS PAMPANITO, KILLER-ANGEL. Most World War II submarine stories are glorifications of war written by submarine captains about their own boats. KILLER-ANGEL is not a typical WWII submarine adventure. It is the story of a sub and crew that, though they caused plenty of destruction, found the pinnacle of their honor and fame in dramatic sea rescues.

This well-researched history covers all six of the boat's combat missions. The Pampanito story begins with the boat’s construction in 1943, continues through its six combat missions, to its decommissioning after the war in 1945. The heart of the books focuses on the September 12-14 1944 attack on a Japanese convoy carrying English and Australian POWs for the Burma-Siam Railway (of "Bridge on the River Kwai" fame) to prison camps in Japan. The Pampanito sunk two of the prison of war ships, unwittingly killing hundreds of Allied soldiers, then returned to rescue its own victims.

"Killer Angel" presents a full picture of life on a "pigboat" and the attitudes of a whole generation of undersea warriors. Author Gregory F. Michno does a beautiful job of capturing the nuances of human hardship and endeavors in the Pampanito while the boat glided silently beneath the seas. And extensive wartime rescues of friend and foe alike justify the boat’s accolades. Michno never loses sight of the average submariner’s role and always keeps in focus the dedication and commitment of the Pampanito crewmen to the corporate whole-to their shipmates, their boat, and the mission."-Carl Boyd, author of the Japanese Submarine Force and World War II

445 pages, photos, maps

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