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AUGUST 1944: THE CAMPAIGN FOR FRANCE. A DAY-BY-DAY ACCOUNT seen through the eyes of participants on both Allied and German sides two months after D-Day. Follow each U.S. Division! --ORIGINAL HARDCOVER EDITIONS--

Click to EnlargeAUGUST 1944: CAMPAIGN FOR FRANCE. A Month That Changed History! by Robert A. Miller. A month of unparalleled movement of forces and daily combat. Rare original 1988 hardcover editions with 280 pages, maps, and photos. August 1944 was a crucial turning point in WWII: the fate of the Axis powers was sealed on the plains of France during these 31 days. It was a month of bewildering activity: rapid buildup of forces, dramatic changes in strategy, unparalleled movement of forces, the coming of age of the American armies, and the flowering of the concept of unified Allied command

In this day-by-day account the story of this remarkable month is told through the eyes of participants on both Allied and German sides. The combat action is followed through the bocage country of Normandy, the breakout at Avranches, the push toward Le Mans, the encirclement at Falaise, the invasion of Southern France, the taking of Paris, the dash across France.

It is a war of movement, of sweeping envelopment and lightning advances, and as General Patton describes as "probably the fastest and biggest pursuit in history." This exciting and well-dococumented account of these extraordinary days, of the dazzling Allied successes, the crushing defeats suffered by the Germans, the command rivalries on both sides, is a true and accurate picture of the war as it was fought--day by day.

This accurate day by day picture of the war as it was fought also traces the movement of these U.S. divisions.
1st Infantry Division,
2nd Infantry Division,
3rd Infantry Division,
4th Infantry Division,
28th Infantry Division,
30th Infantry Division,
35th Infantry Division,
36th Infantry Division,
45th Infantry Division,
79th Infantry Division,
90th Infantry Division
2nd Armored Division,
3rd Armored Division,
4th Armored Division,
5th Armored Division,
6th Armored Division,
7th Armored Division
First U.S. Army,
Third U.S. Army,
12th U.S Army Group
French 2nd Armored Division,
British 2nd Armored Divisions.

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World War II
War Against Germany
Hardcover book
Battles / Campaigns / Strategy

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