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A DYING BREED: The Courage of the MIGHTY EIGHTH AIR FORCE. Follow the crew of a B-17 from training to England to being shot down in January 1944 with the 384th Bomb Group, Eighth U.S. Air Force.

Click to EnlargeA DYING BREED: The Courage of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, by Neal B. Dillon. This is the true story of a World War II Air Combat Crew's Courage, Camaraderie, Faith and Spirit. The reader will learn what the crew of a B-17 Flying Fortress experienced on raids over Germany. The realism and suspense are extraordinary. Follow the crew from training to England to being shot down in January 1944. This is a book for all those whose fathers and grandfathers may have flown B-17's as part of the mighty Eight Air Force. Soft cover. 330 pages. B/w photos and drawings.

Meet ten members of the 384th Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force: Kaczaraba, Morgan, Wirth, Horsky, Peifer, Parker, Shorty, Gilly, Gibby, and John “Sam” Honeycutt, the bomber crew’s engineer and top turret gunner in the B-17 they affectionately call “Doc.”

Honeycutt was there the day the crew first came together and the day they shot down more German aircraft during a single mission than any other American aircraft, bomber or fighter had ever done. He was with them on their seventeenth–and final–mission, when they had to ditch “Doc” over enemy territory. And he was there when the crew was captured and sent to the infamous Stalag 17B, where they spent 16 months in captivity. John Honeycutt was there through it all and lived to tell about it.

A Dying Breed is the true story of a World War II air combat crew’s amazing courage and indomitable spirit during the two years they spent together flying and surviving. Author Neal Dillon grew up listening to John Honeycutt—his brother-in-law—tell stories about Shorty, Gilly, and the rest. In 1991, Dillon promised him that he would one day write those stories for all to read. John Honeycutt died in 1992, and this book is the author’s promise kept.

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