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ATTACK ON FORTRESS EUROPE: FROM D-DAY TO V-E DAY. 2-DVD VIDEO SET. For 4 years, the Germans prepared the coast of Europe as was an impenetrable fortressto deny the Allies a landing on the continent. This is the attack!

Click to EnlargeATTACK ON FORTRESS EUROPE: FROM D-DAY TO V.E. DAY. 2-DVD VIDEO SET. Running Time: 5 1/2 Hours. For four years, the Germans had prepared to defend the coast of Europe and deny the Allies a landing on the continent. Hitler had proclaimed that Nazi conquered Europe was an impenetrable fortress. On the 6th of June 1944, the Allies launched the largest combined land, air and sea operation ever. This invasion, designed to begin the liberation of Europe, would forever be known as D-Day.

DISC #1: D-DAY, CODENAME: OVERLORD It is first light on the 6th of June, 1994, D-Day. On this day, the Allies launched the largest combined land, air and sea operation ever from Souther England to liberate Europe from Hitler and Nazi oppression. Code named Overlord, the entire operation was a tremendous gamble. The element of surprise was paramount and through a tnagle of intrigue, the German high command was led to believe the invasion would occur not at Normandy, but at Calais, only twenty miles from England across the narrow strait of Dover.

This DVD documentary tells the compelling story of the Normandy Invasion and includes rare color footage from the George Stevens Collections at the Library of Congress.
--D-Day Code Name : Overlord
--D-Day: Program Chapters
--Statistical Information On D-Day
--Time Capsule 1944

The United States Airborne played a major role in the success of Allied operations throughout World War II. From their first jumps in North Africa and Sicily, to the massive drops in Normandy and Holland, the Airborne was an important part of Allied military strategy. Initially conceived as an assault force able to parachute behind enemy lines, to seize and hold strategic areas until ground forces could link up with them, the Airborne unites were used in many different ways. From dropping in to capture key positions behind enemy lines in Normandy and Holland, to fighting as tough ground forces at Anzio and the Battle of the Bulge, the Airborne was ready for anything. Elite, confident, and ready for action, the men of the United States Airborne were the best trained and best conditioned fighting force of the war. These men represented the finest combat troops America had to offer and they proved it in the face of unbelievable odds and under the most extreme conditions.

This Documentary is THEIR story. Told entirely through veteran and historian interviews and supported by rare archival footage, this set features the stories and experiences of the paratroopers in their own words, creating a uniquely personal perspective of the United States Airborne forces during World War II.
< --The U.S. Airborne at Normandy
--The U.S. Airborne at Market Garden
Extra Features:
--First Jumps
--Sicily and Salerno
--Anzio and Southern France
--Battle of the Bulge

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