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FIRST AIR: A Novel of Air Combat in the Persian Gulf. Baghdad destroyed by Iranian nuclear bomb! American troops land in Iran as Russian troops invade from the north! A U.S. reaction force is ambushed...

Click to EnlargeNew, rare original 1991 hardcover editions. REVIEW FROM From Publishers Weekly 1991: In the alternate near-future of this techno-thriller, a desperate Iranian government destroys Baghdad with a nuclear bomb. A U.S. reaction force dropping on Bandar Abbas airport is ambushed by an elite squadron of Eastern-bloc pilots. As the surviving paratroopers fight for their lives, two carrier air wings are decimated. None of the Gulf states will risk becoming Iran's second target by allowing U.S. bases on their territory. A Soviet lunatic holding a grudge from Vietnam flies a similar squadron of MIGs.

This sets the stage for the 1st Air Regiment--an ad hoc gang of gung-ho pilots from around the world, fighting in their mismatched planes under the banner of a maverick sheik, and led by the hottest fighter jock of them all: the legendary Bobby Dragon. With a shift in focus from action to intrigue, 403 pages.

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Item Details
Desert Storm/Mid-Eastern Conflicts
Aviation: Military
Hardcover book
Airborne / Elite / Special Ops

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