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SHADOW FLIGHTS: America's Secret Air War Against The Russians. Cold War 'combat' aviation. When an aircraft was lost, it & its crew were officially written off as victims of a training accident. -DISCOUNTED 60%!! CLEARANCE

Click to EnlargeA hot story from the most frigid days of the Cold War. Taking advantage of the end of the Cold War, noted aerospace historian Curtis Peebles has investigated America's secret airwar against the Soviet Union. The author tells a compelling story of Cold War "combat" aviation that ranges from Roswell to Area 51 to the skies over the evil empire itself, and the edge of nuclear war.

Starting in the late '40's, American and Allied aircrews flew alongside and even across the borders of the Soviet Union and its satellites. These covert intelligence-gathering missions were planned and flown under a shroud of deepest secrecy, subterfuge, disinformation, and, when necessary, outright denial. When an aircraft was lost, sometimes from the guns of an attacking flight of MiGs (the book includes a Red Air Force gun-camera picture of an American C-131 being shot down), the plane and crew were officially written off as victims of a training accident.

No student of the Cold War will want to miss this book. Soft Cover. 322 pages. B/w photos.

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Cold War
Aviation: Military
Hardcover book
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