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NORMANDY 1944. Campaign pictorial with 3-dimensional graphics to provide an excellent history of the Normandy campaign: Operation Overlord & its fiercely contested landings, the Cobra offensive, & pushing to the Seine River.

Click to EnlargeNORMANDY 1944. D-Day, 6 June 1944, saw the largest amphibious landing in history. Airborne landings and massive air support led an armada of troopships and landing craft returning the Allies to mainland Europe. Stephen Badsey describes 'Operation Overlord', from the fiercely contested landings, to the struggle to capture Caen, the 'Cobra' offensive, and the dramatic pursuit of the Germans to the Seine River.

D-Day, 6 June 1944: the largest amphibious landing operation in history. From ports and harbours on the southern coast of England, an armada of troopships and landing craft launched the Allied return to mainland Europe. Stephen Badsey provides a concise account of the Normandy campaign, from the fiercely contested landings, to the struggle to capture Caen, the 'Cobra' offensive and the dramatic pursuit of the Germans to the River Seine. This was the crucial campaign of the Western theatre: after the Battle of Normandy the only question was how soon the war would end, not who would win it.

This title investigates the circumstances that led to this great Allied victory. Air superiority, numbers and the initiative all greatly aided the British and Americans in their struggle against the Germans, as did the latter's disorganisation at their highest level of command. Troops and equipment are discussed, as is the terrain that they had to operate in: Badsey shows clearly the problems that the bocage caused for offensive armoured operations and shows how the Allies overcame these to eventually surround the Germans in the Falaise pocket.

The book includes a large number of black and white photos and several colour maps both of which illustrate Allied progress clearly and give the reader a sense of the soldier's experience in Normandy.
Superbly illustrated history detailing the strategies, tactics and battle experiences of the opposing forces. Full color battlescenes, 3-dimensional "bird's eye view" maps, photographs, and battle maps.

This is one of the Osprey Campaign Series of publications. Each volume of the series begins with an assessment of each commander's campaign strategy, then recounts the progress of the fighting, blow by blow. Each 7.25" x 9.75" volume features more than 90 illustrations, including photographs, maps, charts and color plates accompany the text, and a series of 3-dimensional battle maps mark the critical states of the campaign. Each volume concludes with a brief guide to the battlefield today, and detailed notes for wargamers.

The narrative, the photos, and the 3-dimensional graphics provide an excellent history of the battle. Half a century later, American readers should be prepared to hear how Montgomery won the battle for Normandy, albeit with some help from Ike and the Americans. The author's comment about Patton was that he had bad teeth!

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World War II
War Against Germany
Softcover book
Battles / Campaigns / Strategy

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