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1st INFANTRY 'BIG RED ONE' DIVISION - World War II. DVD -- FIVE FILMS ON ONE DVD. Algeria, Tunisia, Sicily, Normandy, France, Ardennes, Germany. WWII Casualties: 3,616 KIA, 15,208, WIA, 684 Died of Wounds. --

Click to Enlarge1st Infantry "BIG RED ONE" Division in WWII. --DVD -- 100% OFFICIAL WWII FILM FOOTAGE... The BIG RED ONE was one of the first American Army divisions to enter combat in WWII, and fought in Algeria, Tunisia, Sicily, Normandy, Northern France, the Ardennes and Alsace areas, Belgium, the Rhineland and other Central European battlefields. 16th Infantry Regiment, 18th Infantry Regiment, 26th Infantry Regiment,+ 745th, 634th 635th and 703rd attached Tank Destroyer Battalions.

Casualties: WWII 3,616 KIA, 15,208, WIA, 684 Died of Wounds. FIVE FILMS ON ONE DVD.
[1] THE FIGHTING FIRST. Follow the Big Red One from Oran to Tunisia in their struggles with the powerful Afrika Korps. Watch them smash the elite Herman Goering Division in the ferocious campaign in Sicily. Next you'll see their incredible valor on Omaha Beach and in the battles for Saint Lo, Countances and Soissons. Fight house-to-house in bloody Aachen, then move on to the Battle of the Bulge and finally into Germany itself.

[2] CAMPAIGN IN SICILY. Fighting side-by-side, the American Seventh Army with the 1st Infantry Division joins forces with the British Eighth Army to liberate the island of Sicily its fiercely independent people from the hated Nazi occupiers. This vivid segment gives a complete coverage of the invasion by the combined force of the 15th Army Group.

[3] NORMANDY INVASION. Focuses on the delivery of troops to bloody hell of Omaha and Utah beaches.

[4] BREAKOUT & PURSUIT. The story of the First & Third Army's succussful attack on the German Army in Normandy. Emphasis is placed on General Bradley's bold plan to overcome the hedgerows which were death traps for infantry men and armor. The film concentrates on the period of July-August 1944, but covers up to the German border. [5] AACHEN TO THE ROER RIVER. Includes the battle for the Siegfried Line and the battle for the Hurtgen Forest mid-October to mid-December 1944. 112 minutes total.

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